What is SutureSeal Hydrogel made of?

The active ingredients in SutureSeal are a proprietary formulation of Polyethylene glycol (PEG) formed by the reaction of multi-arm PEGylated compounds.

What species can SutureSeal be used on?

SutureSeal has been used on:

  • Small Animals: dogs & cats
  • Large Animals: horses & goats
  • Exotics: snakes, lizards & frogs
  • Marine mammals: sea turtles, seals, dolphins, whales
  • Zoos: elephants, primates, kangaroos, wolves, penguins
  • Avian: parrots, eagles, pelicans, hawks
Is SutureSeal only for use on sutures?

SutureSeal can certainly be used on sutures, but also on open wounds, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, burns, mass removals, paw pad injuries, amputations, abscesses, drain sites, incisions including (sutured/stapled), lick granulomas, and hot spots.

Can SutureSeal replace “traditional bandages”?

Yes. SutureSeal can replace the need for traditional bandages. It can be used on any dry or relatively dry, clean wound or incision. SutureSeal is especially useful for difficult-to bandage areas such as muzzle, abdomen, paw pads, wings, beaks, fins, etc.

Is SutureSeal cost effective compared to “traditional bandages”?

Traditional bandages must be changed at least once per day for typical wounds.  SutureSeal seals the affected area for up to 14 days, thereby presents a cost-effective and more convenient treatment approach.

Can a compression bandage be used after SutureSeal is applied?

Yes. SutureSeal may be used in conjunction with traditional or compression bandages, just wait 80-120 seconds after applying SutureSeal so that it is dry and then apply the bandaging.

Can SutureSeal be applied on Aquatic animals?

Yes, SutureSeal is a hydrogel sealant, when applied the polymer adheres to the epithelial cells and creates a waterproof barrier.  SutureSeal permits airflow while locking out contaminants to the wound.

Is infrared Laser therapy effective when applied through SutureSeal?

Preliminary results for the average penetration of red and near infrared laser light through various thicknesses of SutureSeal on glass slides indicate minimal energy loss.  Data supports the idea of using red and near infrared laser light therapy through various thickness of SutureSeal in place.

Can SutureSeal eliminate the need for an “E-collar” in the event of hot spots or lick granulomas?

In most cases SutureSeal is lick and chew resistant which may shorten the duration of E-collar use or may negate the need to use an E-collar. Veterinarians recommend monitoring the hot spot or lick granuloma daily for healing. In limited cases, dogs may also require an E-collar.

If you have product left in the syringe after applying SutureSeal to an area, can the leftover product be used on another wound or affected area?

Each packet is intended for a single use application. You will have approximately 80-120 seconds from when you first start mixing the syringes to apply SutureSeal before it turns to gel.

Is SutureSeal available through any veterinary supply distributors in the U.S.?

Currently SutureSeal is available through CP Medical or through your local Veterinarian.  Future sales may include distribution.

What comes with each order/package?

SutureSeal Hydrogel is supplied in a sterile foil package containing the following:

  • One 2.5 ml female (clear & purple) syringe contains 45 mg solid white powder (Hydrogel Polymer)
  • One 3.0 ml male (clear) syringe contains liquid phosphate buffer solution (aqueous buffer solution)
  • One sterile brush-on tip for application
How is SutureSeal available?

SutureSeal is available directly from CP Medical or from your local veterinarian.  Since SutureSeal is new to the market, you may need to ask your pets doctor to purchase.

Quantities are available in:
  • Box Quantities: 1 Box includes 6 individual application kits
  • Case Quantities: 1 Case includes 144 individual application kits
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